Posted by: ashburnreviews | February 10, 2009

No Reservations

Another travel/food show that I like a lot is Anthony Bourdain No Reservations.


(photo via Time)

Like Andrew, Tony travels around the globe and eats.

What I like about Tony’s show is that I get the feeling that he could be anywhere, from a warm tropical beach to a hut in Siberia, and be able to take extreme pleasure in a cold beer and smoke. Like Andrew, he knows what he likes too. I always appreciate that in someone.

Anyhow I was watching No Reservations last night, and on it one of the chefs that Tony was visiting was a guy that just made amazing food combinations. Food that I just didn’t even believe some one could think up like pork shoulder with raw oysters, rice and kimchi in bib lettuce wraps. It was just wild stuff. That chef – forgive me I don’t know what his name is – is just a complete genius.

Tony asks this guy – and this is why I love this show – what are his guilty pleasures. What foods does he eat and love that aren’t fancy. Tony admits that what he eats and loves is the mac and cheese from KFC. And the chef says that the things he loves to eat – his guilty pleasures – are bread with butter and chicken nuggets. I just love it. Here is a guy that is revolutionizing the way that we view foods – and for him sometimes chicken nuggets are the right thing to eat.

I think food is so like that. It doesn’t always have to be fancy or expensive (although sometimes it is great when it is). It just has to be good.



  1. I love Anthony Bourdain’s show, too. For as much as I enjoy cooking, sometimes I just crave quick junk food. Glad to know I’m not alone. And that segment you described with the pork/oysters was definite food porn. YUM!

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