Posted by: ashburnreviews | February 10, 2009

Bizarre Foods

One of my favorite TV show is Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.


(photo via New York Times)

The premise of the show is that Andrew travel the globe and eats the foods that other people like to eat. Examples of these foods are things like coagulated blood balls and putrefied shark and ants that taste like lemon and all sorts of stuff.

I just love the show. I think one of the best things about that show for me – is that here is a guy just doing what he loves to do. He loves eating unusual food.

I was watching the show the other day and they were showing a repeat where Andrew was in Morocco eating snails and brains and all sorts of “foods” – when a couple Japanese tourists – who knew who he was from his show – ran into him. The group started chatting and the tourists said to him, “You were the last person that we expected to see here!” And he said, “I should be the first person you expect to see here.” The chatting led to the tourits sitting down and enjoying a meal with him.

And it got me thinking if I ran into Andrew Zimmern, and he asked me to join him, would I? Would I eat that food? I mean I love the show – but I have never had a hankering for blood pudding or durian (that fruit that he cannot eat) or goeduck (pronounced “gooey-duck”) clams.

And I think, yes probably I would. What the heck? He seems to survive it. And yes I may not keep the food down – but what if it was really wonderful and I just would have never known until I tried it? Not to mention – what an opportunity. To say I ate Giant Flying Ants with Andrew Zimmern – that would be pretty cool.

To Andrew Zimmern I say, keep up the good work. I love your show.

On a related note… I wonder if when Andrew goes over to friend’s and family member’s homes – do those people get nervous just feeding him “regular” food. “Well we were going to have hamburgers tonight, but since Andrew is coming over, lets break out the octopus.”


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