Posted by: ashburnreviews | February 6, 2009

iPhone Google Books

My book reader of choice for my iPhone is eReader. It has everything I could need in a book reader. And although before I had eReader I didn’t expect to be able to read or enjoy books on my iPhone, it turns out that I really just love it. eReader was a good book reading solution for me. The screen is easy to see (I can enlarge teh font size to just as large as I need it for my bad eyes) and the pages are easy to flip through – just one tap of my finger. Plus since I always have my iPhone with me, I always have my books with me. I’ve read 12 books on it since I got in last June. I have loved having it.

But today I read that Google has introduced Google Book Search Mobile, and this reader includes with it over 1.5 million mobile public domain books. Books can be accessed quickly and easily through the phone’s web browser at the URL

The blog says that these books were already available using Google Book Search, but now they are formatted to fit the iPhone screen size.

I’ll have to check this out. This may be a good addition to have for my reading arsenal.

The books that I read on eReader are not free – but what is great about them is that they are new and current. So for most books that come out, I can pick up an eReader copy right away and start reading. (Unfortunately the eReader collection has yet to include Malcom Gladwell’s, Outliners). Although Google (as far as I know) wouldn’t be offering new free books, free old (classic) books seem like a pretty good things too.

Another big difference between the classic iPhone book readers and Google – is that if you are reading a book through Google – through a web browser – and because of that you aren’t downloading that book to your iPhone for later reading. You are reading the book online. So if are in a location where your iPhone internet connection is shady, I am guessing that that could be a problem.

In looking at the Google Book Search blog, there seems to be lots of books to pick from.

I wonder how electronic reading has revolutionized schools. Are students reading books on their iPhone’s these days? Seems like that would save a ton of money in book expenses. I am sure book stores are losing money from this. Particularly college book stores. The book stores in the schools that I went to, sold used books for a huge mark up.

(Via Tech Crunch)


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