Posted by: ashburnreviews | January 31, 2009

More iPhone Aps

Some other aps that I have for the iPhone…

Bread and Milk
I don’t know why I didn’t mention this before. Here is a great ap that let’s me create a shopping list to use when I am at the grocery store. It has been real useful. Particularily when I am out of just one thing, I put that item in there so when the time comes when I am out of a lot of things and I am ready to go shopping, I don’t forget that one earlier thing. There are a few applications that do something like this, but this is the one that I tried. And I am happy with it.

USA Today
I just downloaded this free ap yesterday, and I love it. It features News that is updated around the clock. Not just headlines but full articles as well. Plus sports scores and weather. It is really neat and it runs fast.

The Weather Channel
I have replaced AccuWeather and Weather Bug with this weather application. I like it. It runs fast. I can have multiple locations preset in there to which let’s me keep an eye on not just local weather but also all my dream locations weather as well. The ap shows me not just the weather now but also hour-by-hour forecasts and 10-day forecasts. Love it!

In typing up this entry on my iPhone… I am thinking I would love a larger keyboard to type this out on. I wonder -is there such a thing? A portable larger keyboard that I can plug into my iPhone when needed?


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