Posted by: ashburnreviews | January 30, 2009

Home Goods Contacted Me

March 28, 2009: For an update, see the Our New Bar post.


Home Goods left a comment on my blog in reference to the entry that I posted yesterday. They asked me to contact customer service for Home Goods with a reference number that they provided to “discuss the mater further”.

After being disconnected the first time that I called, a pleasent woman chatted with me. She started off the conversation by apologizing – which I appreciated.

The customer service rep asked for my full name and adress, and also the exact location of the store, and the description of the people working in the store that night. She said that those employees would be spoken to – (I said that I had more of an issue with the guy since he was rude and looked in charge.) – and that they would send a follow up letter in the mail.

I asked about the current price of the piece of furniture – if she thought the prices on the bar were marked to $249 now or still at $299. She said without having more details of the piece she did not know but that those types of pieces tended to start at $300.

So there is the update. I am somewhat less mad about it. It was great that Home Goods made the effort to find the blog entry and comment on it. Although it is a bit odd that they replied to the blog but not my comment that I made on their web site. The Internet is a funny thing.

I still would like that piece for the $249 price it was marked and an apology from the rude bald guy. But at this point, I don’t see how that could happen.

…Ah well, at least it is nearly the weekend and I am feeling some what better illness – wise then I was earlier. That splitting head ache from earlier is just mild now.



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