Posted by: ashburnreviews | January 29, 2009

Warmer Climates

I have been dreaming about moving to warmer climates – small beach towns ideally. It has been cold here. Current temperature is 30 degrees.

My dreams include the following places:


Cancun, Mexico
Okay yes I know living here would be difficult. Not being in the country and mostly being a resort area, this would be a difficult place to settle into particularly with pets in tow. A few years ago I did calculate how many t-shirts I would need to sell to live there at my favorite hotel – the Westin – full time. It was a whole lot. I feel like truly in my heart, this is my home. Looking at their site again just now to get the url to it, I felt a pang of home sickness. Current temperature is 77 degrees.


Key West, Florida
My husband and I love Key West. It is our kind of town. The people are friendly and the pace is slow. We have talked about opening some sort of shop there. Not that they need another…. Right now I wish I were in a hammock sitting on the beach. I miss that town. Current temperature is 75 degrees.

The Outer Banks, North Carolina
It is about 20 degrees warmer her on average then where we live. I’d would really love that. I have been looking into a new housing community that is being built in Manteo called Cedar Bay. I like the house model called The Ethan. For the most part, it looks good from what I see online. It isn’t on the water – but it is located near a small historical town and the water is only a short drive away. Maybe my husband and I should plan a visit? My biggest concern about Manteo, other then the obvious how will we make money questions, are the little prickly sand burs that hang out in the grass in the outer banks. We visited the area (Rodanthe) last fall and poor little Daisy got 5 or 6 burs stuck in her paws nearly every time we took her out for a walk. He little paws must be overly sensitive or sticky. I called the builder of Cedar Bay the other day. It sounds like they would be willing to customize the homes some what and he says too that the burs could be kept under control with mowing. I wonder if Daisy’s paws would become less receptive to burs over time? Current temperature is 45 degrees.

Amelia Island, Florida
I don’t know how this town entered my day dreams. One day while surfing the internet, I think I read about it. It sounds nice. It was months ago when I found a home for sale that I really liked there. It look ideal. Big, beautiful, sunny, hard wood floors. Just lovely. Current temperature is 55 degrees.

I keep wondering though – are there other warm small beach towns that I should be looking into? Ideally we would need a place were my husband and I could both have employment opportunities. And although we wouldn’t HAVE to be right on the beach, I sure would like it.


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