Posted by: ashburnreviews | January 29, 2009


Probably my favorite tech gadget these days is my iPhone. I got it last June and I cannot stop playing with it. My friends will attest to you, I used to be the kind of girl who kept her cell phone in the car! But now, I must always have it with me.

These are my favorite applications on the iPhone.

I love it. I can check my 3 email accounts on the iPhone. I’m checking them all the time.

Safari (web browser)
I’m always looking things up with the web browser.

A simple note pad application. There are 100s of things I feel the need to write down and have with me. It is like carrying sticky notes.

I never thought I would use the camera on this thing but I do all the time. I tale pictures of my family, things that make me laugh, pretty things, things I want to buy, friends, work stuff, things in my house, things I want to show people, friends, the pets, etc. I have 487 photos on my iPhone.

Maybe my all time favorite application. This application lets me buy current books and read them on my iPhone. I love it. I used to read a ton.. but since I got married I never seem to find the time. Since I got eReader, I have my books with me all the time. And I am reading again. It is great. I had missed it.

Weather Bug (also AccuWeather)
I always need to know what the weather is. These 2 applications are great for that. In Weather bug I have all my cities (the places I go to and am right now in and want to be) and I can see the temperature in all those places. I just downloaded AccuWeather the other day. It is the same weather that I link to from my web browser. I like AccuWeather a lot because it provides a lot of information including hour to hour forecasts and weather alerts. My one issue with it is that it appears to NEED to know where I am and only tell me the weather where I am now. I would much rather it to be more flexible in location.

This application is just the neatest drawing art tool. I got it the other day. I just love it.

Say you are somewhere and hear a song come on. Hold up the iPhone and let it listen to the song as well. Shazam can tell you what the song is and give you a link to iTunes to buy it.

Now Playing
This application lets me list current movies and the times they are playing at local theaters. I don’t often go to the movies but when I do, this is so useful.

A free application that allows you to translate from one language to another. For now, this has just been a source of fun for my husband and I. We think of phrases and translate them into other languages and just say them randomly. It makes us giggle. this application would be very useful I think in talking with some one that doesn’t speak your language. Maybe if you were traveling and having difficulty communicating with some one.

Critter Crunch
One of the first games I bought for the iPhone. It is fun. I haven’t played it in awhile.

Koi Pond
This is the silliest little applications that turns your phone into a mini koi pond. It plays pleasing music and lets you feed the fish. I really love it. It was the first application that I bought for the iPhone. $.99 what a deal.

Of course the big fancy music functionality is great on the iPhone. Just like an iPod. That being said, I almost never listen to it.

Word Press
I can edit my blogs from my iPhone with this application. I don’t at this time, but I could.

When I am lost, this great application acts like a GPS. It isn’t as great as the NAVMAN that I have in the car, but it is most useful when I am in some one elses car.

Touch Physics
My favorite game on the iPhone.

Some other games I have and play occasionally.
– Sudoku 101
– Line Rider
– Moto Chaser
– Block Classic
– Shuffle Board
– Tangram Pro
– Katamari


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