Posted by: ashburnreviews | January 29, 2009

I’m Mad at Home Goods

January 30, 2009: For an update, see the Home Goods Contacted Me post.


I had a very bad experience at my local Home Goods store and I wanted to share it with you. I’m so mad about it.

I visited Home Goods yesterday afternoon and found a piece of furniture that I liked. It was a bar, painted red with birds on it. It had a large green tag on it that said “Home Goods Price $249”. I liked the piece enough to take a picture of it with my camera phone to show it to my husband later that evening. We have been looking for a piece to go in one particular spot in our living room, and that piece seemed like it would fit the bill.


It was nearly closing time when my husband and I returned to Home Goods. My husband liked the furniture piece too – so we decided to buy it.

We walked to the cashier and told her that there was a piece of furniture that we wanted to buy and take out of the store tonight. She said to cut off the tags from the furniture and bring them to her. So my husband and I walked back over to the piece of furniture to cut off the tags.

We bring the tags to the woman and she looks and them and immediately sees that the white tag – the one with the bar code on it says $299. She says, “That is the price we have to charge you.” I said, “But the $249 price was on the piece.” She says that it doesn’t matter because the green tag doesn’t have a bar code on it.

At this time, another employee of the store, a bald man comes over and looks at the tags. He says, “The price is $299.” I show him the green $249 tag. He says, “That was human error.” I said, “It was marked $249, I want to pay $249.” He said, “The price is $299.”

My ideal solution to this issue was that I would have been able to buy the piece of furniture for the price that was marked for $249.

At a minimum the guy could have been nicer about it the whole situation. He could have said, “I’m sorry – there is nothing I can do. I don’t have the authority to charge you the price that was marked on the piece.” Or he could have said, “Well lets ring it up and make sure the white tag is correct.” He said NOTHING like that. He was rude and dismissive.

My husband and I immediately left the store. I was incrediably offended by this man’s behavior. The experience was just so upsetting because I really liked the piece and I wanted to bring it home. But I just couldn’t after being treated that way.

I sent an email explaining the situation from their website. I’ll feel better if I get an sympathetic apologetic email. The pessimist in me thinks that my email will be ignored.



  1. [Note from Holly: I edited out the phone number and the reference number from this comment – but went ahead and published it anyhow because I think it is great that Home Goods made the effort to contact me.]


    Dear HomeGoods Customer,

    We are very disappointed to hear of your unpleasant experience at one of HomeGoods store locations.

    We would very much like the opportunity to address this situation, and ask that you contact our Corporate Customer Service Department at
    xxxxxxxxxx, so that we may discuss this matter further. Please reference call #xxxxxx when speaking to one of our Representatives.

    We look forward to assisting you.

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