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This web site started for the love of Daisy Joe. She is our puppy. She is a sweetie but a handful as well.

More about Daisy…. Her birthday is September 7, 2007. We got her from the animal shelter May 2008. We are big believers in adopting from animal shelters. This means that Daisy is almost a year and five months old. And we have had her for nearly 10 months. She started out a timid dog. She shook for the first 2 weeks we got her. And then she just came out of her shell and was a real love bug. It took a bit to house break her. We crate trained which I think was the ultimate way to go. But now with the exception of just a few accidents every once and awhile our house is pee and poop free.

Well that is will the exception of the cat, Peanut…. The other furry love of my life. Peanut came from the streets – okay the backyard of my neighbor. He was a wild cat before he came into my home.

Peanut has been adjusting to having a dog around. They play a lot. Peanut bullies Daisy. Unfortunately, Daisy has taken to eating the tasty “cat treats” out of Peanut’s litter. Any one that can help with suggestions for that, would be most appreciated.

The other new habit for Daisy is while we are out of the house, she rips up things into small pieces. Magazines and items in the trash are her favorite. We put the trash can outside now and hide everything else in drawers or up high.

Anyhow…. For about 2 weeks, we had a doggie camera on Daisy Joe’s collar and I posted pictures from that experience on here.

Here are a couple good ones from Daisy’s photo journalism career.

Most photos looked like this one.

Most photos looked like this one.

Kitchen! Maybe There is Food!

Kitchen! Maybe There is Food!

This doggie cam site though was short lived. After a visit to my parents house, the camera was lost for good (I imagine). So now this blog sits lonely.

Inspired by some of the great personal blog web sites of there, I thought I would put out my own blog out there. One purpose would be to self-promote my store – Dog Hause. Please buy something! But also to share what ever comes to me. I used to keep a journal and I miss that.

Here is one of my favorite photo groupings of my husband, Peanut and Daisy Joe.

My Family and the Ukulele

My Family and the Ukulele

My husband and I play the ukulele. In the above photos, he is playing for the pets.


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